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Research and Development


Time goes by and leaves marks inside us: the important stages of our existence, epochal moments of demarcation, separating what we have been from what we will become. These moments are so vivid inside us that we can recollect and see them in front of us as if they just occurred. In Giovanni Mogna’s mind, Chairman and CEO of Probiotical, there is actually such a vivid image. It is an image of child next to his father. In front of them, a microscope. Between the slides, a world to discover – an extremely small, extremely fascinating world.

This vision brings to a firm resolution: “I will do what you do”. Follow in his father Mario’s footsteps, his expectations, his commitment, his attitude to never stop.

Because research must go on, and never be satisfied with its achievements. That’s exactly the reason why the company has been able to stand out worldwide. Currently, Probiotical’s Research and Development department is an extremely important reality, as 10% of income is invested in innovation. This strategy allowed the company to gain a competitive advantage on other companies: research comes first, business follows.