Probiotics Research, Production and Customization

Surfing the Probiotic Galaxy Together

Overall Probiotics Manufacturing Journey

Probiotical controls the entire workflow of manufacturing probiotics, starting from the initial concept through research and validation, and culminating in production and certification. Throughout this process, we adhere to the highest quality standards and incorporate innovative, patented technologies to ensure excellence.

We Research

From strain isolation
to clinical studies

We Produce

From raw materials
to finished goods

We Customize

From your idea
to market-ready products

Our Products

We develop innovative probiotic, synbiotic, and postbiotic products with proven health benefits, achieved through a seamless integration of research and production.

Strains and Blends

A wide range of probiotic strains at various concentrations, available both as raw material and in finished products

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Market-Ready Formulations

Clinically and scientifically validated formulations for private labeling.

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Tailored Probiotics

Manufacturing tailor-made probiotic and synbiotic formulations that cater to the specific needs of each customer.

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Our Manufacturing Innovations

Our specialized MicroBac® microencapsulation technology allows us to produce individually coated probiotic bacteria, providing enhanced protection against manufacturing, storage, and digestion. 

Our patented manufacturing processes ensure the exclusion of all allergens specified in current European and U.S. legislation from both our laboratory and production processes.  

Our oil suspension featuring microencapsulated bacteria boasts an 18- to 24-month shelf life at room temperature, while maintaining the vitality of the probiotic strains and enabling delivery in the liquid format.

Our advanced Flow Cytometry technology swiftly and accurately enumerates bacteria, setting a new standard for probiotic quality and efficacy.

Therapeutic Areas

The benefits of our formulations extend beyond simply rebalancing the intestinal microflora. Each probiotic strain we use has unique properties, specifically tailored for targeted applications.

A Group of Explorers

Navigating new frontiers with our customers, we collaborate from concept to packaging to create bespoke probiotic solutions.


Scientific Advancements
Market-Ready Probiotic Formulas for Women’s Health

BIFICIST® has a dual and synergistic mechanism of action at both urinary and intestinal level.

News & Events
Award From Father to Child

Probiotical has been awarded the "From Father to Child" prize for the best generational transitionn, Leading Woman.

Scientific Advancements
Probial® HMO Baby&Kids

We introduce Probial® HMO Baby&Kids, marking our latest advancement in science-backed pediatric nutrition.

Scientific Advancements
Probial® ASD Benefits Children with Autism

Autism affects countless children worldwide. Our clinical study reveals the positive effects of our probiotics on children with autism.

Latest stories
The Gut-Skin Connection Redefined

Transformative Probiotics: The Gut-Skin Connection Redefined. A validated solution to cultivate healthy skin and beauty from within.

Scientific Advancements
3 Probiotical Strains Reduce Itching and Eczema Lesions

Probiotical's synbiotic composition demonstrates clinical benefit against eczema.