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certified probiotics
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certified probiotics
probiotics company
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Mission Statement

We revolutionize human health through pioneering probiotic [and postbiotic] research, relentless innovation, and the pursuit of novel and undermet applications. We are passionately committed to sustainability throughout our entire value chain and to the preservation of the environment.

Four generations of applying science to microbes and leveraging their benefits inspire us to continuously evolve and pursue excellence.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be a global leader in evidence-based probiotic [and postbiotic] innovations, to transform human health and function throughout the life span. The continuous development of novel, sustainable probiotic and postbiotic manufacturing methods will enable us to preserve the natural environment and magnify the value of our leading-edge contributions to scientific evidence. Our pursuit of new application areas will lead to the most diverse portfolio of microbial products targeting an array of human health targets.

A Family History

Founded in 1985, Probiotical has its origins deeply rooted in the Mogna family's legacy in Novara, Italy. The company, an offshoot of Laboratorio Microbiologico ALCE, carries forward a 60-year expertise in lactic acid bacteria production initially focused on the dairy industry. This journey began with Alfonso Mogna in the 1920s, who imparted his knowledge in microbiology to his son, Mario. Mario Mogna significantly impacted the dairy industry by inventing a technique for direct liquid inoculum insertion into boilers, revolutionizing dairy fermentation globally.

The Mogna family's vision took a new direction with Giovanni Mogna, who expanded into the sector of probiotics for human health. Now, under the leadership of Vera Mogna as the fourth-generation CEO, Probiotical continues to innovate in the human probiotic field. Vera's stewardship has fostered Probiotical's growth through specialized research, manufacturing, and service-oriented subsidiaries, firmly establishing the company as a leader in both Italian and international probiotic markets. Today, Probiotical stands as a symbol of innovation and dedication, exploring the potential of the human microbiome in health and wellness.

Our Story

The Roots

The solid roots to a flourishing future

The ALCE microbiological laboratory was founded, which has remained Italy’s leading company in the production of lactic acid bacteria for the dairy industry for more than 70 years.

A new point of reference in the industry

Building on the knowledge and expertise gained from a strong family background in microbial science, Giovanni Mogna founded Probiotical with a focus on human health applications.

Founding Probiotical
Research and Development Growth

Unlocking therapeutic potential through rigorous research

Probiotical intensifies its research and development initiatives to explore the health-promoting properties of various probiotic strains and prebiotic compounds across diverse therapeutic domains. These findings are validated through clinical trials to ensure their efficacy, and published in top scientific journals. 

An Italian company growing strong worldwide

Continuing the legacy of progress, Vera Mogna takes the helm from her father and propels Probiotical into new market landscapes. She increases the production of finished goods and fosters strategic partnerships, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation.

Global Expansion

Our Executive Team

Vera Mogna
Vera Mogna - Linkedin
Marco Pane, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Marco Pane, PhD - Linkedin

Global Markets

Rooted in Italy, Flourishing Globally: While 30% of our market is centered in our home country of Italy, an expansive 70% spans diverse foreign markets.