Marco Pane, PhD

Marco Pane, PhD
R&D Director

Marco Pane is a probiotic and microbiome scientist, with more than a decade and half of experience leading Research and Development and Industrial Production activities at Probiotical SpA, an innovator and manufacturer of probiotic and postbiotic organisms. He has an MSc in Food Biotechnology/Microbiology and is a PhD candidate at the Food, Health and Longevity studying the possible role of specific probiotics as a mean of intestinal active detoxification from heavy metal and biogenic amines. His breadth of expertise spans across oral and intravaginal probiotics and Live Biotherapeutic Products (a class of biological drugs), and postbiotics. He has been a coauthor on over 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, encompassing clinical trials and in vitro investigations. He is a member of the International Probiotic Association Scientific and Manufacturing Committee, a Board Director at the Pharmabiotic Research Institute and is a member of the Expert Panel on Probiotics within the US Pharmacopoeia focusing specifically on quality related aspect of the probiotic manufacture.

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