Bona World Champion in sailing

At sea as in business: Steer with steadfast resolve and unite in pursuit of a shared goal.

Probiotical is thrilled to announce our recent victory at the World Championship of 8 Metre Class, held at the Y.C.I. in Genoa from August 28 to September 2, 2023. Our CEO, Vera Mogna, a passionate sailor like her father, led the sailing team aboard the historic Bona ITA16, a 1934 Baglietto. This win is not just a triumph in sailing; it symbolizes the continuation of a legacy, resonating with her father's victory in the same championship in 2002 and her team's prior win in 2022.

Bona ITA16, steered with precision and skill, secured the Neptune Cup World Champion title and also claimed the Sira Cup, demonstrating its superiority over modern boats. This double achievement is a significant milestone, showcasing her team's dedication and expertise in the sport.

The values of passion, precision, and legacy exemplified in this sailing triumph reflect the ethos of Probiotical. As a company, we channel these same principles into our commitment to probiotic development and manufacturing. This victory on the waters of Genoa is a vivid reminder of how our dedication to excellence transcends beyond sailing, deeply ingrained in every aspect of our work at Probiotical.

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