production of probiotics

Probiotics Production Process

Our Overall Manufacturing Journey

Our Manufacturing Innovations

Our specialized MicroBac® microencapsulation technology allows us to produce individually coated probiotic bacteria, providing enhanced protection against manufacturing, storage, and digestion. 

Our patented manufacturing processes ensure the exclusion of all allergens specified in current European and U.S. legislation from both our laboratory and production processes.  

Our oil suspension featuring microencapsulated bacteria boasts an 18- to 24-month shelf life at room temperature, while maintaining the vitality of the probiotic strains and enabling delivery in the liquid format.

Our advanced Flow Cytometry technology swiftly and accurately enumerates bacteria, setting a new standard for probiotic quality and efficacy.

Probiotical is your end-to-end partner in probiotic manufacturing. We collaborate with our customers to craft custom probiotic products that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

production process

We meticulously manage every aspect of the manufacturing process at our 5 state-of-the-art facilities, from research and validation to production and quality assurance — guaranteeing the utmost quality in both our research endeavors and finished products.

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production of probiotics
Research & Development

From Strain Isolation to Clinical Studies

We strive to explore uncharted territories in product design. Our approach integrates research to identify prebiotic fibers that optimize probiotic growth, ensure strain biocompatibility with other formulation components, and enhance the efficacy and stability of the individual strains and finished products.

All Probiotical research and development activities are supported by rigorous studies, published in leading international scientific journals.

Probiotical - Research

From Fermentation to Finished Goods

We have developed specialized technologies to maintain the viability of probiotic cells throughout both the production process and the product's entire shelf life. We oversee the entire production process at our three Novara-based facilities.

From product design to the finished product, our manufacturing cycle is 100% in-house and encompasses a comprehensive, safe process that includes fermentation, freeze-drying, encapsulation, and formulation packaging.

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production process
Probiotical - Production
production of probiotics

From Your Ideas to Market-Ready Products

We collaborate with our customers to discover new possibilities, transforming their insights into product ideas. Together, we develop food supplements and medical devices, including private-label options.

Alongside our partners, we explore new market opportunities and craft tailor-made products. Our collaborative process spans from the initial concept to product design, encompassing comprehensive manufacturing strategies and ideal packaging solutions.

Probiotical - Customization