Sustainably Sourced, Vegan Ingredients

At Probiotical, our sourcing philosophy is rooted in sustainability and health. We carefully select plant-based ingredients that are grown without intensive agriculture, and prioritize yeast-fermented raw materials, assuring our offerings are devoid of animal by-products and GMOs. By avoiding soy proteins, dairy, and other US- and EU-recognized allergens, we uphold our environmental ethos and support our clients in crafting products that cater to an increasingly eco-aware and health-focused market. Additionally, we've minimized or eliminated oil in our manufacturing machinery to prevent any risk of product contamination, enhancing the safety and purity of our products. This conscientious approach to sourcing and production plays a crucial role in advancing a more responsible and health-oriented supply chain. 

Waste Reduction

Probiotical's waste reduction initiatives, integral to our ISO 14001 certification, encompass comprehensive waste management and monitoring systems. These extend across our facilities and to our service providers, including laboratories and disposal services. We maintain strict procedures to uphold the highest standards in waste handling and reduction. Our commitment to minimizing waste permeates through our offices, labs, manufacturing areas, and the entire supply chain, effectively reducing our environmental footprint and reinforcing our dedication to sustainable operations.

Governance & Certification

At Probiotical, we take a comprehensive approach to governance and certification, ensuring safety and satisfaction in all business aspects. We adhere to strict qualification procedures and maintain certifications like ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management and ISO 13485 for Medical Devices Quality Management. Our commitment encompasses regular customer satisfaction evaluations, a dedicated system for managing product quality and safety complaints, and transparent communication with customers regarding product impacts. Emphasizing human sustainability, we focus on employee well-being and engagement, offering health and safety training, upholding occupational health and safety standards, and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization.

Continuous Improvement

Probiotical's commitment to sustainability is a dynamic and evolving journey. We continuously strive to boost energy efficiency, minimize waste, and enhance our sustainable sourcing practices. Our dedication goes beyond meeting current standards; it's about persistently pursuing the highest levels of sustainability, customer and employee satisfaction, and innovation for a brighter future. This involves ongoing monitoring and optimization across all company levels. Our long-term strategic vision embeds this commitment, reinforcing our position as a proactive leader in environmental stewardship and sustainable development.