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“We are more a research centre that makes ends meet through manufacturing, than a company with a research centre”.
And again: “Live better and longer, naturally” is what we are determined to do every day, in the research challenge and in the design of every single product. From these words by Giovanni Mogna, Probiotical’s operating philosophy is easy to assume.
In this company, scientific investigation is a path where discovery is not a point of arrival, but a starting force always ready to go further, in a progression that s never satisfied with its achievements.
As a consequence, the ultimate aim is the consumer’s wellness through product effectiveness and quality – because Probiotical put human beings, with their needs and expectations for better life conditions, at the core of its activity. Probiotical, therefore, cannot be simply defined as a manufacturing company, since its passion for scientific-technological innovation is its leitmotiv.
The company’s DNA contains a will to perpetually improve, and to stand out as a reference point in the Italian and international scientific research panorama, thanks to its cooperation of Probiotical’s research team with universities, research centres, hospitals, and international bodies and organizations. This mutual exchange with an in progress reality makes it possible to achieve two fundamental goals: to respond in an exhaustive manner to the several requirements of this field, and to propose projects that are able to open new horizons of growth and development.
In a neverending flow, always looking for new interactions, Probiotical sees its customers as real partners to share ideas, information, and innovative solutions that could be beneficial for human beings, whose wellness is Probiotical’s final objective.