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The heart of Probiotical

Cavaliere Dottore Giovanni Mogna - Presidente Probiotical - Produzione Probiotici Novara
He is taking forward his family’s legacy with passion, expertise and enthusiasm. His passion for research comes from his childhood, when he looked at the world through a microscope, with his father.
It is not by chance that the keyword of his company’s philosophy is RESEARCH. This is a firm belief, as shown by the data: every year, 10% of resources is dedicated to R&D. This has led the company to achieve an ever-increasing success, and to become the world leader for probiotical products, even outdoing the USA, with its 60 registered patents in 60 years of activity. Today, Probiotical is a reality unique in its branch, being the first plant worldwide entirely conceived and dedicated to probiotic microorganisms research, development and manufacturing.
quadra Giovanni Mogna: A life devoted to research quadra
After achieving a Degree in Food Science, in 2009 the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia confers to Dr. Mogna a Degree honoris causa in Industrial Biotechnology. Among his many other recognitions, in 1995 he was appointed “Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana” (a high recognition given by the Italian Republic due to his service to industry) and, in 2010, Citizen of the year by the city of Novara.
The same enthusiasm he puts into his job is also dedicated to his great passion: sailing. As helmsman of the sailing boat “Bona”, Giovanni Mogna won, together with his team, the world championship in its category for four times, from 2000 to 2004.
linea Vera Mogna - Business development - Probiotical - Produzione prodotti probiotici
General Manager
Vera Mogna, Giovanni’s daughter, is following in his father’s footsteps with determination, choosing scientific studies to create the foundation of her future understanding of the family business dynamics.
She then decided to specialize in management and business strategy, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Economic and Business Sciences with highest honors at the University of Eastern Piedmont, followed by a Master at the Sole24Ore Business School in Rome.
As she made her entrance in Probiotical as Board Member and Business Development Manager, thanks to her passion and commitment, she immediately obtained an exponential increase in the customer portfolio, which is considered as the actual company’s wealth.
Her contribution in Probiotical is also related to national and international exhibitions, and to many important conventions in the company’s field.
Vera shares with his father not only his devotion to work, but also his passion for the sea, deciding to achieve the boat license.