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From the validation of an innovative methodology of live probiotics enumeration to proposing new therapeutic approaches for acne, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and the immune system homeostasis as well as benefitting athletes with their health and performance, Probiotical is proud to announce five new publications in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology this month.

Acne affects almost 80% of adolescents and young adults from 11 to 30 years, and currently available treatments such as antibiotics have limited use, with more than 50% of P. acnes strains now resistant to topical macrolides. More natural novel therapies are needed. New Approaches in Acne Therapy: A Specific Bacteriocin Activity and a Targeted Anti IL-8 Property in Just 1 Probiotic Strain, the L. salivarius LS03 describes the preclinical selection of this strain, based on its significant inhibitory capacity against the target pathogen P. acnes – thanks to the secretion of active bacteriocins – associated to its inhibition of IL-8 induction, IL-8 being identified as the leading pro-inflammatory mediator in acne.

Preclinical studies suggest that dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract may play a role in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) through a modulation of the gut-microbiota-brain axis, and evidence of an immuno/neuroinflammatory component in ALS pathogenesis is compelling. Potential Role of Gut Microbiota in ALS Pathogenesis and Possible Novel Therapeutic Strategies researches microbiota markers in ALS patients, while a probiotic supplementation trial will examine in a second step the influence of a treatment with the specific bacteriotherapy.

Inflammation is a reaction to infection with the physiological purpose of restoring homeostasis, but uncontrolled or unresolved inflammation can lead to tissue damage and a plethora of chronic inflammatory diseases including Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, allergies, obesity and multiple sclerosis. Micronized Cells of the Probiotic StrainBifidobacterium lactis BS01 Activate Monocyte Polarization – A New Approachdiscusses the potential of immune boosters 2:0. Micronized Cells are able to counteract inflammation in the infected site as well as activate the adaptive response against pathogens while significantly mitigating the resulting oxidative stress, meaning they could represent a possible therapy to quickly and effectively prevent and/or cure viral, bacterial, fungal or protozoal diseases as well as prevent and/or treat inflammatory processes triggered by external pathogenic agents.

Athletes suffer from increased risk of infection, as reminded by Ralf Jager, specialist of probiotics and athletes, in the NutraIngredients Webinar this Tuesday. 30 to 50% of them suffer from upper and lower abdominal symptoms such as bloating, nausea, stomach pain/cramps, flatulence and diarrhea. Gut Microbiota, Probiotics and Sport: From Clinical Evidence to Agonistic Performance is a comment on the different benefits probiotics can exert on gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in athletes of different sports, as well as in the recovery of performance following muscle damaging exercise.

More on the quality and industrial aspects, Flow Cytometry: Evolution of Microbiological Methods For Probiotics Enumeration successfully verified that the ISO 19344:2015 method is valid and reliable for quantifying the concentration of L. rhamnosusGG (ATCC 53103) in a finished product formulation, based on the analytical method validation on 3 different industrial batches. This is good news for the industry as Flow Cytometry is a universal, quick, precise and accurate method providing more information on a population of bacteria than the commonly used plate count methods.

Reach out to our team @ for more information on these publications and other exciting research projects Probiotical has in the pipelines!

Nina Vinot