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Probiotical is able to meet every client’s specific requirements, thanks to the innovative manufacturing technologies that can guarantee the product stability at room temperature for 2 years. The stability is applicable to every formulation: sachets, tablets, capsules, oily suspension in vials, chocolate chewable pills.

The use of patented technologies allows Probiotical to formulate allergen free products (free from allergens according to the European current regulation) with pleasant, refined organoleptic features. Allergen Free formulations extend the offer also to adults and children with a complicated allergologic anamnesis.

Furthermore, Probiotical research scientists have developed a microencapsulation technology, a special patented technology that coats every single probiotic cell in a lipid matrix. This method provides an improved gastroresistance to the microorganisms, which are therefore able to reach the intestine live and viable, and to express their beneficial activity. Microencapsulation technology can significantly protect microorganisms and maintain the strain viability in the most difficult applications. 100% of the microencapsulated microorganisms reach the intestinal tract, versus 20% of the traditional uncoated cells. The greater effectiveness of the microencapsulated form in gut colonization has been demonstrated also in a clinical study using the same strains in coated and uncoated form. Results showed that colonization was achieved with both forms in the same time (2 billion CFU/day of the microencapsulated probiotic compared to 10 billion CFU/day of the uncoated form).

Probiotical is also actively designing and manufacturing innovative primary and secondary packaging materials (patented as Alu Prob, Alu Prob Plus), which provide a longer and lasting product stability, protecting the microorganisms from humidity and oxygen damages, and therefore assuring the maximum effectiveness of the finished product.

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