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Probiotical - Probiotics and Synbiotics products

PROBIOTICAL was born in 1985 from the thirty years’ experience of Laboratorio Microbiologico ALCE, leader in the production of direct inoculum lactic acid bacteria for dairy industry, and it immediately gained a worldwide prominent role in the research and manufacturing of probiotics for health and well-being.

PROBIOTICAL’s activities consist of several stages: research and development, strain isolation, characterization and production of probiotic strains for the prevention and treatment of different diseases; design and implementation of specific probiotics and synbiotics finished products for many therapeutic areas, supported by clinical studies.
  • Dr. Giovanni Mogna
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    Dott. Giovanni Mogna
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    Dott.ssa Vera Mogna
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    Dott. Marco Pane
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    Probiotical corporate video

The Research and Development Area of ​​PROBIOTICAL owns 80 patent families in the field of probiotic microorganisms, both for products and special manufacturing technologies.

This approach has led PROBIOTICAL to emerge quickly in the global market, to meet the different needs of its customers, offering tailor-made products, with a high technological and scientific content.